Rose Oil Elixir

Price: 3350 RUB.


Rose Oil Elixir. Exceptionally delicate, with marvelous fragrance of flowers, the bio-organic oil, Rose Oil Elixir, retains all properties of the wild rose essential oil:

- ideally suits the mature and dry skin. It contains anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, which nourish the skin with vitamins, endow it with shine and elasticity, and saturate with moisture; 

- remove visual signs of aging, due to the presence of the vitamin E, known as  "the vitamin of youth".

- possesses a unique effect- stimulates tissue regeneration (heals minor wounds), is conducive in eliminating scars, cicatrices, and reddenings*;

-relieves the skin condition caused by sunburns; 

-can be used as a hair care- as a nourishing mask for the head skin and hair roots;

-strengthens and improves appearance of nails

*is not recommended  for a problem skin


Skin care: apply a few drops of oil on the previously cleansed skin on your face, hands, or body; rub it on gently. You can also add a few drops of oil into the cream during morning and evening applications. Use as often as you need.

Hair care: apply as a nourishing mask. Apply a small amount of oil on the head skin and hair roots, rub it over the whole length, leaving out the hair tips. Wait 20-30 minutes and thoroughly wash away. Do not use more than once a week.

Nail care: apply a small amount of oil on the nail surface and rub it in a massage motion. Use as often as needed

Storage conditions: dry (humidity not exceeding 75%), cool (temperature not exceeding  24 °С) place, away from the direct sunlight.