Ingredients Bazitel’®:

  1. The sodium salts of high carboxylic acids (linolic, oleic, palmic, stearic, and docosenoic) originated from natural herbs, acting along with other ingredients, carefully cleanse and moisturize the skin and yield a magnificent hair care.
  2.  Medicinal plants selected from around the world. Bazitel’® contains 78-98% of biologically active substances in bioavailable form. The data have been confirmed by the research labs at Tomsk State University.  The ingredients extracted from natural plants  provide high antioxidant activity.
  3.  Naturally derived glycerin
  4. Cosmetic natural oils derived from: sunflower seeds, crop, grape seeds, almond pits, and other. All ingredients pass a strict control to guarantee the absence of heavy metals and chemical pollutants.
  5. Fruit acids of natural origin


*It is free of  synthetic components, flavoring or coloring agents, surface-active substances, preservatives, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS, SLES), parabens, or silicones.