Honey Oil Elixir

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Honey Oil Elixir  is a considerate but effective anti-aging care The BENOATE® Elixir contains natural essential oils  and preserves the natural fragrance of flowers. At the touch of your skin, the fragrance fully reveals itself and acquires a shade of individuality. Meadowsweet is a medicinal herb with a wide range of action. Its essential oil delivers density and elasticity to the skin. These valuable properties of the herb were unduly forgotten, until the day Honey Oil Elixir was born- the remedy which has accumulated all best qualities of the meadowsweet oil. It contains vitamin E and tannins giving the product the ability to produce a powerful lifting effect, lift the skin and make it denser, and fight the sings of aging;

- has a light texture and is absorbed easily.

- contains salicylic acid which provides an antibacterial effect. Suitable for a problem skin.

- saturates the skin and hair with BAS in biologically available form;

- can be used as a hair nourishing and firming mask*;

- strengthens and improves appearance of nails


Skin care: apply a few drops of oil on the previously cleansed skin on your face, hands, or body; rub it on gently. You can also add a few drops of oil into the cream during morning and evening applications. Use as often as you need.

Hair care: apply as a nourishing mask. Apply a small amount of oil on the head skin and hair roots, rub it over the whole length, leaving out the hair tips. Wait 20-30 minutes and thoroughly wash away. Do not use more than once a week.

Nail care: apply a small amount of oil on the nail surface and rub it in a massage motion. Use as often as needed

Storage conditions: dry (humidity not exceeding 75%), cool (temperature not exceeding  24 °С) place, away from the direct sunlight.